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Unit upgrades for All Races (WoC Marauder System)

FrumpyFurling#5545FrumpyFurling#5545 Registered Users Posts: 3
The WoC Marauder system that was recently implemented was perfection, and with that I would love to see a similar system implemented for the other factions. For example:

Taking the Lizard Men, you can recruit Saurus Warriors early on but it takes a while to unlock SW with Shields. It doesnt make sense to take these perfectly capable warriors and send them away or kill them whatever happens when you disband a unit when you can just hand them a shield...here you go you are SW with Shields now. Ta da!!! I do like the gating that you have to go through with ranks with the WoC Marauder system and I really wouldn't change anything on that front.

The same can be accomplished with almost all other races:

Empire Spearmen - Empire Spearmen with Shields
Ungor Spears - Ungor Spears with shields
High Elf Archers - High Elf Archers with light Armor

Also...an just wishful thinking the same principle could work with Feral and non-feral beasts eg: Feral Stegadon -> Stegodon -> Ancient Stegodon <---> Ancient Stegodon with Engine of the Gods...Etc.

I think this would make it so Campaigning Armies wouldn't have to come back to a province to recruit a specific unit or pay double and wait double for a global recruitment. also would incentivize players to utilize those lower tier units.

Just my thoughts.
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