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Ku'gath infrastructure cycle adjustments

Kablez7Kablez7 Registered Users Posts: 7
I've tried many different ideas to get a good start with Ku'gath including migrating and trying to build tall but his early game struggles to get off the ground with Helman Ghorst being a very powerful natural opponent early. Once the early game is conquered Ku'gath struggles to keep his territory safe from invaders because they don't make much money and missile factions have an easy time dealing with his garrisons of nurglings and plaguebearers.

To fix the income issue I think his infrastructure buildings should have their cycle times changed to 2 - 2 - 3 - 6 this would do several things. 1) the player would be able to make use of the commandment to reduce infrastructure cycle times as a money making commandment that they don't need to micro since the low income cycles of the building will fly by while the high income cycles will stick around. 2) this will supply many nurglings for the early game army. 3) infrastructure buildings provide additional garrison to the settlement for defense.

The garrisons still need some help against missile units however and I think that's best fixed by adding some marauders of nurgle to the capital garrisons instead of so many nurglings.
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