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  • BovineKingBovineKing Registered Users Posts: 962

    Well I personally don't think that game being decided by one mistake... especially on lower skill of play, is a good game design. You are talking from a position of player that is reasonably competent and I appreciate that. But I don't think that such punishing design make for a friendly environment for newcomers. Also I don't think there are many examples as polarizing the game outcome as character sniping.

    There are other parts to this - magic might be too strong, maybe casters are too cheap. TBH I prefer Land Battles and I like the idea of units staying dead after being killed... it's just I'm not sure if Dom in the form it is right now handles that well.

    “lower skill” is part of the problem in ranked even before dominion I have the perspective of going from someone who had no right playing mp to being fairly high on ladder at some point and qb system still doesn’t match players by rank so you legit can play the best player and the worst player all in span of 2 games it also makes it incredibly hard for new players and on the flip side a veteran player will feel like they’re playing AI on easy mode.

    I’m mostly nitpicking this comment cause ranked doesn’t actually have a ranked system meaning qb has always been slightly unfriendly.

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