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Warriors of Chaos Issues

TheRichyLichyTheRichyLichy Registered Users Posts: 1
I just have 2 issues with the WoC rework.
First, you cannot mark Chaos spawn, having to recruit forsaken and then mark those then have them be warband upgraded into the marked spawn is a lot more work than just being able to mark undivided spawn to one of the 4 unique gods. Is there a reason they cannot be marked? Is it lore driven or an oversight?
Secondly, Resource buildings in port settlements. The resource buildings in minor or major settlements is a huge factor for the new WoC, and one that i love! the Bonuses will drive me to actively pursue settlements with iron or furs for example over anything else. but when resources are in a settlement with a port, the port automatically overwrites the resource building slot and although ports are a decent building in minor WoC outposts (marauder recruitment and replenishment is good), it sucks that i have to give up my factionwide bonuses. For example, in Ulthuan, almost every settlement has a resource but is on the coast, therefore negating any reason to take the donut, because there are no dark fortresses there, and local marauder replenishment and recruitment is wasted. CA please allow at least port settlements to have the resource building built in them, or let us choose between which we want built.
Other than that I've never been happier with the WoC rework (And ive razed the entire ME map as Archaon back in the early ME days with the ordertide) so thank you so much :)
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