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Amazon's and Pygmies for Lustria

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Just read some lore about the Amazon's and Pygmies of Lustria and thought it would be a great addition to add encounters when exploring the continent. Think of it like in Warhammer ii when ogre mercenaries were added. You could hire them or have a battle.
- smaller armies could be ambushed in the jungle
- Amazons and pygmies could suddenly appear on the map and be recruited in your army (Amazons were known to sometimes aid exploring armies)
- some old ruined lizardmen settlements could be inhabited by amazons upon being searched (they were known to have inhabited these ruins)

There ar plenty of units that could be added like the Amazon warriors, jaguar warriors, terror bird riders , possibly even heroes , pygmy witchdoctors and poison dart warriors etc..

Let me know what you guys think, I think this would be a really cool addition!


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