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The immortal Empire multiplayer campaign of the Warhammer all-out war needs to be adjusted and impro

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In a multiplayer battle, when one player attacks an AI city and the other player chooses to control the AI forces to fight with another player, that is, when both the attacking and defending cities are controlled by the player, the attacking and defending sides of a city attack should not arrange their arrays at the same time. As a result, the attacking side will change the attack location just before the start of the attack, and the defending side will not have time to arrange new arrays according to the attack direction changed by the attacking side In this way, the attacker will attack an unguarded or weak city entrance As a result, the balance of the siege game is very poor. I suggest that in the siege of a multi player campaign, the siege party arranges the array first, and the siege party finishes the array arrangement. Once the siege party finishes the array arrangement, click to start the battle, and you can't change the position of any unit Then, the defending party can start to deploy defense according to the arrangement of the attacking party. After the defending party has finished the arrangement, click start game, and the battle can really start (when the defending party arranges the array, the attacking party can't change the position of any one unit). Only in this way can the attacking war of the multi player campaign be fair Of course, under such a mechanism, the Garrison should have sufficient time to deploy, not just 60 seconds, which is too short. It is too late, especially when there are many troops, it needs to deploy precisely. 60 seconds is too short


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    This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed urgently.
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    多人战役,玩家掌控AI和另一名玩家战斗攻城的时候,不能让攻城方和守城方同时布阵, 你们这样设置,攻城发一直变换位置, 防守方还怎么布防? 攻城方应该先布防,然后确定位置之后就不能变了,然后守城方进行布防.然后再开始.
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