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In Progressv2.1.0 End Turn crashes



  • RazawaldRazawald Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited September 10
    Recently game got updated to 2.1 patch, i started a new campaign as i usually do. I started a campaign with N'kari, Vanilla. The game freezes and crashes on the end turn times when it reaches the 93rd faction, this happens on the very first turn. Also tried with Morathi and the same happened. 93rd faction on turn 1 end timer.

    As suggested here, i tweaked the difficulties, it worked not.
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  • accounta#9123accounta#9123 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I have attached a save file "ok" (IE campaign Kislev on turn 73) to my thread here https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/322035/corrupted-savegame-crash-on-load that also exhibits the end turn crash in 2.1, in case you need more repros.
  • ConnallMFConnallMF Registered Users Posts: 1
    I was able to use the workaround for about seven turns, and it is now not working.

    Always crashing when Team 11 - Ogre Kingdoms something Maw faction takes their turn.
  • SentientPulseSentientPulse Registered Users Posts: 76
    edited September 11
    same here.


    Sisters of Twilight, turn 54, freezes and crashes to desktop at end turn on faction number 6.

    no amount of reloads going back 1/2/3/8+ turns changed the crash, tried numerous different things to see if my actions in game caused it, changed nothing.
  • dheckdheck Registered Users Posts: 4

    Hey all,

    Thanks for the patience and all the provided reports and files. We reproduced your issue and sent it to the team for further investigation.


    Is there any update? I have now gone 2 days without being able to continue my campaign. I have even tried some of the tricks in this thread and that hasn't worked.
  • wisedudewisedude Registered Users Posts: 94

    .. I ended up changing campaign and battle difficulty settings, and lowered the assistant frequency to low ( old man with advice) and it got through the cycle..

    Then returned all settings to prior state and was able to continue.

    Good luck

    I did this but was getting the end turn crash on "low" so I lowered it to "minimum" and It actually worked.Hopefully it keeps on working.
  • theintrepidhero#8141theintrepidhero#8141 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Multiple factions (DE/HE) having end turn crash around turn ~60
  • #85073#85073 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Similar issues with my clan pestilence campaign:

    *Pestilence scheme does nothing, its broken right now has no effect
    *The game just freez and crash at the end turn, faction number 54 (havent met the faction, dont know which one)

    Please fix developers, ty
  • #596438#596438 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same Issues here on turn 94 for Grand Cathay.
    Ioaded also another save from turns before still crashes. Tried out dx11 and dx12 doesnt make any changes.
    As soon as it hits the clan ferrik, the sound goes away for a moment and it stopps going forward 5-10 seconds later it just crashes without an error.

    I dont use any mods, just official DLC Content.

    I attached the savegames to it.
  • vividzz#8579vividzz#8579 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Same issue occur for me while playing tomb king faction on specific turn, Then try using different faction sadly same face the same issue but on different turn,please fix it asap.
  • dirtTorp3do#8781dirtTorp3do#8781 Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited September 16
    Same issue. Skarbrand Exiles of Khorne on turn 87


    I did a rollback in Steam under Properties -> Betas -> rollback.
    Fixed the issue for me ;)
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  • #332735#332735 Registered Users Posts: 79
    Same here with a new Skarbrand campaing, crashes on an unknown faction turn 8
  • #430157#430157 Registered Users Posts: 326
    Just had one with Eltharion. Faction 93... which is the same one I had with N'Kari when it happened, but that's probably just chance.
  • disorientalist#4145disorientalist#4145 Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited September 17
    Same here, can't continue even after doing different things with my campaign.

    Warhost of the Apocalypse
    Turn 47 / Immortal Empires / Single Player
    During Clan Ferrik turn the game crashes.
    No mods only official content installed

    Edit. Forgot to add context, at the end turn 45 to 46 Clan Ferrik asks me for Military Alliance, during the end turn of 46 to 47 The Orthodoxy declares war, I invite military allies and Clan Ferrik refuses to join the war (very Skaven thing to do lol) then, during their turn while they're attacking a Kislev northern town (Novgorod or something like that) it crashes. I've tried refusing their military alliance and it still crashes while they attack.

    I don't know if this helps I'm no software engineer so there's that.

    attaching save file

    Please fix it guys I was hoping on playing this weekend :neutral:
  • NikolaiB#4222NikolaiB#4222 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 7
    dheck said:

    I am on hotfix 2.1.1 and I have both been affected by the settlement battle freeze (in 2.1) and now the end turn freeze (in 2.1.1). This is hands down the most unprofessional release of a game I have ever been a part of. It is obvious that corners are cut and patches are released without the knowledge of whether old issues still exist or a new issue has been created. Paying nearly $100 for a game (including warriors of chaos dlc) which keeps having crashing issues is damn near class action lawsuit level bad.

    i guess you missed the word "beta" when paying your 100 dollars, guy.
  • robbnroll#9523robbnroll#9523 Registered Users Posts: 3
    riekland turn 99 IE, no mods, latest drivers, latest version of the game, tried changing the difficulty, rolling back the game to 2.0, changing the advisor level and jumped back several turns to see if anything plays out different.

    game crashes as soon as i press end turn so i assume it's the first faction after the end turn button crashing out the game, crashes to desktop and nothing seems to fix it.

    how to reproduce: press end turn

    really annoying because it's not a quick thing to get 99 turns in and killed my motivation to play because what's stopping it from happening as other factions?

  • Samba_EMHC#7533Samba_EMHC#7533 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Kholek turn 45 crashes on faction 8 in end turn. No motivation to play now, what's the point if literally every faction's campaign can just break at any time
  • DrazhoaththeAshen#9598DrazhoaththeAshen#9598 Registered Users Posts: 881
    ShivaX said:

    Just had one with Eltharion. Faction 93... which is the same one I had with N'Kari when it happened, but that's probably just chance.

    I don't think it is just chance. @kreggur mentioned that he was playing disciples of the maw and crashed on turn 50 when the turn advance reached the faction after scabby eye. It was the same thing for me across the board. I was playing the same faction crashed on the same turn on the same factions turn. It seems in reading through a fair few posts of this problem that certain factions are bigger culprits than others.
    What is normal for the spider is Chaos for the fly.
  • Prism#7439Prism#7439 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I have the same issue. As all of you and nothing helped. Can this be fixed or is the one campagne done for me and i need to restart ?
  • Avenge#6157Avenge#6157 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I’ve had the same issue on multiple campaigns

    Wood elves (twilight sisters) - turn 103 cycle turns and crash on 82/106

    Bretonia (Fay enchantress) - turn 84 cycle turns and crash on 56/122

    Kislev (ice court) - turn 34 cycle turns and crash on 23/227

    Warriors of chaos (archaon) - turn 132 cycle and crash on 24/69

    All 2.1 no mods

    From what I can tell there’s no real pattern and while I’m no expert when it comes to computers my processor and graphics card double the recommended for the game. My assumption is is as more of the map is revealed and there’s more moving pieces it becomes to much for the game itself to handle. I downloaded a couple mods that some of my buddies say helped as well as turning auto save off and I’m ab to start a new campaign and find out if it helps any.

    Good luck to all and hope the devs are working on fixes!
  • Humby123#9056Humby123#9056 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same here.
    Golden Order around turn 45.

    Click end turn and when it reaches faction 127 the game crashes to desktop, tried loading previous autosaves and playing my turns differently and made a 1 or 2 turn difference however it still ends up crashing around about the 127 mark.
  • Rhinel#6441Rhinel#6441 Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited September 20
    Festus - Turn 31. Patch 2.1. No Mods.

    Mine is crashing on faction 169/182(183). The reason for the brackets is I've noticed as my crash occurs the total faction count ticks up from 182 to 183. I'm not sure if its related but the game freezes then crashes in that instant.


    I've reloading the campaign to turn 27, this time with both end turn crash mods from the stream workshop installed, and it crashes again on turn 31, this time at 173/186(187)

    Third replication is from turn 29, this time with no mods, and it crashes again on turn 31, this time however the crash occurs with the total faction count ticking down at 170/185(184)

    Aside from tech and character skills all 3 versions have been played differently with different battles occuring between the save being loaded and the turn 31 crash. Steam files have been verified.

    I should also note that due to the random nature of when this crash occurs, the multiple reports from different users, and as far as I can tell no current workaround aside from restarting the campaign I will not be playing or recommending the game to others until it is fixed as I consider it game breaking and detrimental to the user experience. Hope it's sorted soon!

    My save from the third replication is attached.
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  • JerBearz#8082JerBearz#8082 USARegistered Users Posts: 3

    Also, not sure if this is relevant:

    The Ice Court campaign was started in 2.0 (no build number, sorry) and a save from that campaign was loaded, then saved, in 2.1

    The Shadow Legion campaign was started in 2.1

    I started a Khorne Campagin in 2.0 and loaded it in 2.1. Same issue. Crashes after the 1st endturn.
  • Feuerfuss#5756Feuerfuss#5756 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I'm crashing also in Immortal Empire with 2.1 Vanilla TW:W3
    Turn 88, with Belegar Ironhammer, Clan Angrund

    I tried loading an older save too and doing different things, but when getting to turn 88 it crashes after clicking "End Turn" and obviously after saving.
  • Devrard#3755Devrard#3755 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my Valkia campaign at turn 85.
    At the end of the round the game crashes at the 82 faction of 122.
    I've been playing without mods so far, but have investigated the issue with a few mods.
    It seems to me that an army of Klan Spittel caused the crash. As soon as I remove this army using the "Console Commands" mod, the game no longer crashes.

    Build: 16218.2683626 V2.1.1
  • DantheLeviathan#7175DantheLeviathan#7175 Registered Users Posts: 1

    End Turn crash in my Dwarf Campaign started in 2.1. Crash to desktop when it gets to faction #8 every time.

    This might be coincidental, but my game also crashes when it gets to faction #8, who are Ursuns Revivalists.

    I play 2.1.1 build as Cathay, Iron dragon, on turn 45. I tried reloading earlier saved games, but the same thing happens every time anyway.
  • GeoG85#7760GeoG85#7760 Registered Users Posts: 6
    I'm crashing at turn 370, 2.1, vanilla, no mods, with Khorne.

    I tried rollbacks, tinkering, but even if I start at turn 355, and spam to 370, it'll crash.

    A few things, are we supposed to post crashes to the Immortal Empires Beta section or in the Crashes section?

    And the Warhammer AI is "unique" - your AI isn't specified to your save file, like normal games. You can reload a save file, and the AI will constantly change on you. Hinting that the AI is more of a collective, then to an individual save.

    Another thing, I set my Ultimate End Game to turn 370, because when I did a Khorne run prior, I couldn't finish the run because the end game started soon, and that run was crashing as well. But I triggered the end-game this run about 200+ turns early because I felt like killing N'Kari soon, and that triggered the End Game at turn 103 was it?

  • xBongoCatx#7708xBongoCatx#7708 Registered Users Posts: 4
    I am also crashing on end turn, its even random turns, i tried going back 2 saves and still i crashed on end turn. The same on 3 different legendary lord Dark elf campaigns... Game seems unplayable until this is fixed.
  • #12681#12681 Registered Users Posts: 9
    Same problem that everybody's here

    Campaign with Volkmar, crash occures between turns 64 and 65 during Kul faction's turns

    Tried 2 things read here, without success:
    - re-enabling respec button mod (that was not enabled from the beggining on this campaign, but now it's updated)
    - switching the advisor from low to minimal
  • QuotesUnquotes#9086QuotesUnquotes#9086 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same with playing as Dwarfs on Turn 45, hangs on Ice queen turn 8/178, then crash to desktop. @CA Team, Do you still need savegames and such for investigation and what ones and where can I find them for you?

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