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Allow Banner Runes to Stack

TheStarAugurTheStarAugur Registered Users Posts: 1
One of the changes I've found from WH2-WH3 is that the runes from the dwarf crafting menu no longer stack.

I'm not entirely sure if this is intended or not, but I am assuming this *is* intended due to the lack of them changing it in the 2.1 patch.

I loved the ability to stack runes on a lord, particularly the artillery runes on Thorek Ironbrow. His Vortex campaign was one of, if not my favourite WH2 campaigns because of the ability to stack these wacky runes together with one of his traits and just have an artillery-focused army.
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  • TheWakaMouse#5047TheWakaMouse#5047 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Hey I just posted some almost identical comments and found your post last, and I was so happy to see it was under review.

    Thank you for looking at this CA, I wanted to say Thorek is my favorite for the same reasons; dwarven banners were also my favorite addition to the faction, the stacking included. If it's a balancing issue I would implore other options, otherwise it's hopefully to return.

    I think the diversity it adds is needed for dawi artillery, otherwise all of the armies must share almost identical load outs. Lastly, I love the work you've done and I believe this is the greatest Warhammer experience I've had.

    Gorog! to your team.
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