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campaign mode without battle buffs or battle buff research ?

epic_159754114358KcCbphiepic_159754114358KcCbphi Registered Users Posts: 30
so recently, during my play empire session in campaign, I made an army specifically made to counter the wood elves, nothing too fancy, just shielded state troops, battle wizard, along with knights of the blazing sun and Stirland patrol for fire damage, i finally got the wood elves where i wanted them, Durthu's army was outnumbered 2 to 1 and injured from a previous enemy, problem is despite being out numbered and injured, my fire attacks weren't doing anything to Durthu or the treemen units due to the a 45 percent fire resistance on top of a lot of buffs he got, I barely won that battle despite him being injured and outnumbered, this has definitely soured the experience for me

I've come to learn recently that this might be called buff stacking, quite frankly not a fan of it, armies seem to get buffed up by research, lords and heroes making units turn into absolute monsters and strip units of their intended function, however i will say that I'm ok with researches that improve the economy, diplomacy or army campaign effects, I also do believe that unit veterancy should be the only method of getting buffed without over tuned

so my question will we ever see a campaign mode that doesn't have battle buff stacking? or are there any mods that do such a job?


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