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Is there any reason or reward for not ascending my Lord to a Daemon Prince?

Cosmic_Lich#1188Cosmic_Lich#1188 Registered Users Posts: 748
I'm going through my Tzeentch campaign and the pop up offers to ascend my leveled up Chaos Sorcerer Lord into a Daemon Prince. I clicked never because I prefer the voice and model of the Sorc Lord. But now I'm wondering if there is any tangible benefit? Mounts? Keeping my starting trait? Anything at all?
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  • MrDragon#2461MrDragon#2461 Registered Users Posts: 3,545
    You listed a few as considerations. The other is not being large. Being not-large is a tangible benefit depending on who you are fighting. Some factions have more anti-large than others or even have powerful anti-large lords.
    There's also a speed consideration. A sorcerer on disc is considerably faster than a daemon prince and if you mostly just want a flying spell-slinger, that may just be more important. In addition a sorc on disc is a lot smaller and harder to hit with arrows or other projectiles.
  • Cosmic_Lich#1188Cosmic_Lich#1188 Registered Users Posts: 748
    edited September 2022
    So Sorc Lords on the Warshrine are objectively worse?
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  • MrDragon#2461MrDragon#2461 Registered Users Posts: 3,545

    So Sorc Lords on the Warshrine are objectively worse?

    Not if you care about the spell amp that the shrine gives on top of being big and stompy.
    Personally though I'd rather stay on disc than on shrine, but that's personal preference.
  • IndefatigableIndefatigable Registered Users Posts: 526
    You get to keep a much cooler lord - that alone is a reason not to "ascend" them:
  • Neodeinos#5871Neodeinos#5871 Registered Users Posts: 16,747
    I don't like the Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, he has a mix of Metal and Tzeentch lore instead of just having Tzeentch. Mortal lords also look way cooler than copies of Daniel imo.
  • Rheingold#6691Rheingold#6691 Registered Users Posts: 1,721
    I like all of the lords, so I tend to have one of each as soon as I can. (Including a herald, they are to cool) But the best Tzeentch lord is probably the exalted Loc. Still the warshrine is really good in a frontline of chosen and spawn, as long as you have a fast hero for casting in the army.
  • Mogwai_Man#4978Mogwai_Man#4978 Registered Users Posts: 6,207
    edited September 2022
    Narratively characters deny daemonhood because they see it as enslavement.

    For example, Abaddon and Archaon.
  • Zeke999999#1606Zeke999999#1606 Registered Users Posts: 10
    The Daemon Prince Lords also have different skills. As an example, in my Valkia campaign, my lord's are more useful as Khorne Lords rather than Daemon Princes since the Khorne Lords buff Warriors and Chosen. The Daemon Prince buffs daemons.
  • kyle_usmc#4407kyle_usmc#4407 Registered Users Posts: 286
    I find the demon princes are actually weaker than the human lords so I never get them. The undivided prices give a global xp buff but by the time you get it you don't really need it.
  • Blaeys#7037Blaeys#7037 Registered Users Posts: 1,400
    There is tangible reason - not losing half your accumulated levels.

    It's not a big thing, but it is something.
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