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More landscape changes please

CaptainTalkingCaptainTalking Registered Users Posts: 50
Changes in the landscape due to changing occupation are less to not visible. Another form of corruption changes something, I et that. But nothing more. Iif the Wood Elves occupy a territory formerly inhabited by dwarfes, the dwarfen hold in the landscape doesn’t get destroyed as it did in Warhammer 2, it stays intact. Same for the Orcs.
The situation is even more constant in the newer areas (in Lustria, in Cathay, ...). If Orcs occupy a Lizardmen settlement, why does the surrounding Lizardmen infrastructure not change? In WH I dwarfen landscape did change if occupied by Orcs. Also the woods and plants don’t change at all in the new areas – whether in Lustria, nor in Cathay, … If the Wood Elves occupy a region of the Empire in the Old World, the trees change, but not so for example in Lustria. I do very much hope for some improvements.
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