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Skaven Under Empire tab

Hey guys ! I don't know if the idea has been posted, but an under-empire tab to easily access and manage the under-cities would be very useful and would make the use of this awesome mechanic less of a chore. Thanks for the awesome game !
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  • Guttrench#8929Guttrench#8929 Registered Users Posts: 115
    This would be a good QOL improvement just making it easier to see the cities, navigate to them, and generally not forget about them as you develop more and more.
  • steam_1654989890079QOltIZsteam_1654989890079QOltIZ Registered Users Posts: 2
    Yeah it would be awesome to have an easy and quick way to check a summary of their location, their income (gold and food), and to easily access them in general without having to scroll through the map at the risk of even forgetting them !
    That's something I wanted since TWW 2 in fact ahah
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