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Crashes and Norsca Issues

travis-nelsontravis-nelson Registered Users Posts: 2
Build: v2.1.1

Description: When playing as Warriors of Chaos / Archaeon / Warhost of the Apocalypse, upon opting to rebuild a previously destroyed Norsca tribe, two issues have occurred. First, on at least one occasion, the re-established tribe did not become a vassal (in most cases they did, but Varg did not). Second, in all cases when bringing back a previously destroyed tribe, they do not appear in the Diplomacy listing. They are a vassal according to the markings on the Strategic map display, but you cannot talk to them, order them, or interact with them. Double clicking on them to initiate diplomacy also does not work. Diplomacy is disabled when they are regenerated.

When fighting, in most battles I will be fine, but occasionally (like in the battle that takes place after ending this turn on the save game file) I will get partway through the battle and it will either crash out to the desktop, or freeze.

Campaign saved file attached.
Modified log file: I followed the instructions, but could not locate this file. If this is only for downloaded mods, I am not using any.
Minidump files: Attached.
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