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Warhammer III: Tehenhauin's Mission's Unlock Randomly At Turn Start

SubjectEighteenSubjectEighteen Registered Users Posts: 600
Like the title says, Tehenhauin's missions are bugged. Randomly on turn start any number of them can just auto complete for no verifiable reason. The game seems to think that I have 38 provinces at times when I have just captured my second and on occasion it thinks I've built buildings or fought battles I have not.

Sorry, forgot to include this. Tehenhauin also no longer gains sacrifices from sacking settlements, which is even more crucial to his sacrificial offerings income than in Warhammer 2 as the frequency of land battles is greatly reduced.

Please fix.

Also, Brettonia has no channeling stance, Battle Pilgrims are recuitable but their unit card is not displayed properly, and several of their technologies do not apply correctly, like the Decrees against certain factions. Playing as Alberic, fighting the Blood Keepers in Lustria with the technology that grants +4 armour-piercing damage against Demons, Warriors or Undivided, there is no active bonus to weapon damage.

Thank you.
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  • thejethroe#9609thejethroe#9609 Registered Users Posts: 10
    I also encountered this issue with Tehenuins missions randomly completing. Specifically the "control 2 provinces" mission and the "build a blood shrine of sotek" mission.

    I also noticed a UI bug with Tehenuins sacrifices menu, where the transparency on the sacrifices number text field gets turned off when you hover over the buttons, so you have this light white rectangle around it that pops up and looks very ugly

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