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Bretonnian Errantry War

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My proposal for the Erranty War for Bretonnia would be a Waagh like system that summons an army of mostly Knights Errant, give global bonuses to charge, unit experience and possibly an additional bonus that increases cavalry weapon strength. These buffs would last the number of turns you have to defeat your target. For the targets you’d have to select from a faction you are at war with and you would have a set amount of turns to complete this. You would spend chivalry putting your hood name and honor on the line to show you believe in the cause. If you win the erranty war destroying your target you get money, double the amount of spent chivalry, and either a global bonus or a trophy esc system that give buff (like rare/epic banners or campaign items). If you fail you lose double the amount of chivalry, your cooldown for the war is doubled and you gain a debuff for the same number of turns.

Also I feel like it would be cool or at least very thematic to make “War Heros” from the Errantry Wars. These would have unique traits such as War Hero or some other flavor added. They would also give buffs vs the faction of the original war (Ie greenskins, vampire counts, … Ect). These could come as hero’s or lords at random just to add some RPG elements.
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