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have a Trade Caravan mechanic for more factions, more interesting mechanics for caravans

jfermor280389jfermor280389 Registered Users Posts: 18

I was thinking that , although perhaps Cathay should have the most robust form of a trade caravans mechanic,
it could to interesting to have a TC mechanic of some sort for more factions as well as the Cathayan factions; like the the Empire,Dwarfs, and the Southern Realms ( when/if they get fleshed out).

I like that attacking a caravan is a very lucrative opportunity. I think it could be made more interesting though.

I think it would be interesting if:

1. attacking a caravan was a % chance like an ambush. for example, if you attack a caravan within range of your army, there is a 50% chance you will catch them and engage them in battle, and a 50% chance they will evade you and get away.

2.The identity of attackers were unknown to the owning faction of a caravan; you could say this is because of the distances involved. Counter-play to this could be buildings and/or research techs that beef up security, reveal the identity of attackers, and make it harder for TC to be caught.

3. Attacking TC too often should have repercussions for the attacking army and faction. Such as diplomatic penalties with trade caravan factions and a lower chance to catch a caravan. You could say this is because that faction has become notorious for caravan raiding and caravans have learned to be very careful in their territory.

4. You could pay/bribe factions to leave your caravans alone for a set # of turns; conversely, you could extort a faction for a promise to leave their TCs alone. Extorting money this way sounds perfect for Ogre and Greenskin factions

that's all I've got for now. thanks for reading
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