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(CA HELP ) is multiplayer or avatar conquest even working in 2022 ?

#901732#901732 Registered Users Posts: 4
hi after 1 year break due playing other games i just wanted to play shogun 2 avatar conquest its just saying searching for players . i really do not understand even when there is so many player cant find a avatar conquest match from steam charts when i look there was 2269 player

there is 2 possibility 1- no one playing avatar conquest 2- matchmaking not working . also all clans in avatar conquest have 0 point i think that means matchmaking not working so no one can get point . just like CHAOS_BLADE repot in this forum even rank system not works\

what is our fault ? there is absolutely no support . Creative Assembly game support sending people to support.sega.com then again support.sega saying go report to Creative Assembly they are developer . its really annoying situation

also told me to raise an entry on this forum

please if anyone from CA is here report this issue .its so serious since completely killing game and multiplayer preventing people from playing multiplayer

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