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Drycha quest Coeddil Unchained super bugy

steam_163156667904eUxa1tKsteam_163156667904eUxa1tK Registered Users Posts: 6
Playing as drycha in immortal empires and did the quest
The forests were so dark i couldnt see a thing, the waystones all said they needed to be destroyed but they were indistructable, the enemy amries just showed up randomly with no notification or anything and mostly just stood still untill i got close so i had to play wack a mole, Coedill and 3 units of dryads spawned in the back of the map the moment i started with no fanfare. and the units kept bugging out graphics wise in a way i hadnt seen prior to this quest battle or since.

Playing on Steam, Immortal Empires TWW3 Beta no mods, fought quest battle on turn 83 right after fixing my first forest the gryphon wood, have the all end games end game on but havent triggered yet
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