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Rework the blue skill line for non-horde factions

snnnffrknlin#6194snnnffrknlin#6194 Registered Users Posts: 157
The blue skill line has(in my opinion) not aged well. It is very standard and does not do much to seperate your lords from each other. The only exception is lightning battles and perhaps ambushing.

Im hoping that the blue skill line is pushed more in a "strategic" direction by upgrading economy, winds of magic,army stances and other buffs that serves the faction more as a whole. Simply put, it should buff the decisions you make on the campaign map.

Here's some basic ideas to hopefully shape a new "generic" blue line. Feel free to add more ideas since the point here is to "rework" the blue line.
  • Increase allied forces allowed into the army.
  • Meaningful buffs to raiding stance. Currently raiding is not worth it from a financial perspective.
  • Meaningful reductions to recruiment. 15% is not enough.
  • Increased slots for recruitment.
  • Traps and deployables for relevant stances. Ambush and encampent spring to mind.
  • Financial buffs to encourage making a "financial Lord". Right now it's not really worth it(generally speaking) to make Lords that are focused on finances. The supply lines rarely makes it worth it. A simple suggestion is to remove supply lines by picking a certain skill, but the price for taking it is the Lord can only field 10 units instead of 20 to encourage defensive play. Also increases reinforcement time to discourage spamming them as offensive armies.
  • Grant access to mercenaries and higher tiers with more skill investment. Buying empire swordsmen in Reikland for example, only for relevant factions.
  • Allow for additional heroes. This already exists for some factions I believe, but it would be nice to have a more "standarised" method for more factions.
  • Increased reputation gains from diplomatic actions. If you raid a faction's enemy, you get a higher increase in reputation.
  • Capture enemy Lords. Could just be a copy of Eltharion's ability or simply grant a chance of capturing the enemy Lord. Lord can be sold or executed etc.
  • Tutor. Allow the Lord to take in another Lord as a pupil. The Lord functions as a unit in the army and can gain experience without hiring an additional Lord thus invoking supply lines penalty.
  • Increased starting ammount of winds of magic. Usually the number is around 20, but with this you could get 30-40.
  • Training stance. Should happen in combination with a Hero that has "Train units". Gains experience per turn up to a certain rank. Cannot go over rank 6 for example. Takes 100% movement and is much stronger than the current Hero action.
  • Medic. Allows for "the dead rise again" mechanic for all factions. Saves units you lost after the battle is done.
  • Increase influence circle. It would make it easier to block off routes aswell as reinforce allies.
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