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Dwarf Campaign Grudges

Hi all,

Simple suggestion - Tone down the starter grudges for the Dwarfs. I'm noticing that the Dwarf campaigns feel a bit overtuned at the moment, specifically because the starter "campaign" grudges start at 10 and jump up from there exceptionally quickly. I really believe there needs to be more ramp-up time.

The reality is that the AI appears to be suicidal in its player bias - And if you're in a start position like Ungrim, by turn 30-40 you'll be in at least half a dozen wars. And those will largely prevent you from safely pursuing your grudge goals, which then result in your grudges being near max when you're barely into the mid game.

Now look, I know you could hypothetically pursue your grudges as the end-all-be-all. But doing this will often put you in a precarious map position. Again, looking at Ungrim, pushing out east in pursuit of grudges will punish you with war decs from nearly every faction. And if you push the Orcs back, you'll wind up meeting Archaon and/or Kholek, which can really cause you problems.

tl;dr the grudges really need to be toned down IMO at map start. It's too punishing and offers little-to-no strategic interplay for the player. It's basically just a near-immediate handicap for the player. As satisfying as it can be to clear them, I feel that they are too impactful at the start and escalate too quickly to allow for strategic thought on the campaign map.
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  • TzuDevil#1620TzuDevil#1620 Registered Users Posts: 20
    It seems a bit too much to me as well....

    That said, I did like the early access to Slayers through the RoR recruitment. I'm not sure I've ever used Slayers as much before, which was fun.
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