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Bugged High Elf Ambush Map

So yeah - I ambushed Tyrion next to Angerrial - The map looked off and when I loaded in, his army was nowhere to be found. Presumably, they were just stuck under the map. What also was funny was my reinforcements were coming in from the top of the mountain where theyd've had no way down. Luckily moving the reinforcement pins was a nice new feature CA added. Additionally, I found a way to 'fight' the battle, this was by finding a target marker to issue an attack order with infantry to very slowly lag/glitch-dwindle down where his forces were. I was also able to see and click his unit icons via Tactical map but got stuck on the Flame Phoenix because attacking it just would not work, while his phoenix was somehow damaging my units. After a couple of hours of killing half of his army like this, I finally conceded the battle after not being able to get to wherever his phoenix was. Very bizarre experience.

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