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Let players auto-resolve quest battles

jfermor280389#5392jfermor280389#5392 Registered Users Posts: 23
Hello again,

It would be really great if players had the option to auto-resolve quest battles; like the survival battles in the realm of chaos campaign. I appreciate a lot of work goes into them, and a lot of them are great and really thematic, and I enjoy playing through them the first time....But, sometimes you're in a campaign where you've only gotten around to fighting the quest battle later than intended, so you have better units than intended, and in some cases it's around the fifth time you have done this battle. It can get tedious.

I think it would be great if players had the option to auto-resolve and skip battles they've played multiple times; so they can get the legendary items for their lords quickly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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