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Witstealer sword taken, now the event is pretty much useless

Delusionist#2224Delusionist#2224 Registered Users Posts: 133
So this item and the great stag helm were apparently removed from the game. Not sure how I feel about that

But this is pathetic. Either give us something cool and good or remove the event from the game
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  • Eduard_StreltsovEduard_Streltsov Registered Users Posts: 13
    Yeah the items have both been removed and the dreaming woods scenario, it's not really worth it in any circumstance because the item is not powerful enough.

    On a separate note, the no of items for WE has also reduced. There used to be ones in WH2 that were better for missile characters (2 blue ones, can't remember their names) but they buffed the missile strength so perfect for your Waystalker. They removed these now which is a little silly.
  • Loreguy#1056Loreguy#1056 Registered Users Posts: 1,908
    edited October 2022
    Witstealer sword is now an unique wargear od N'Kari.

    If you want a cursed sword you can go to Ulthuan for another one.

    Edit: would be cool to have set of other corrupted items to tempt players in similar dilemas.
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