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Expand Athel Loren and the Duchy of Parravon?

As a follow-up to my points on the debauched and simplified Southern Realms/Tilea/Estalia, I thought I should also point out that Athel Loren and the Duchy of Parravon are sizably shrunk for an expanded dwarven mountains region, due to the clutter and cramped atmosphere for the center of an entire faction, I believe it should be adjusted.

Although I believe map edits will be unlikely, especially within the Old World Regions, the Wood Elves (my favourite factions) home region just feels minimized and cramped, I know this is a popular complaint as well. However, due to the Wood Elves focus on the region and atmosphere, I just believe the region should be modified for a better player experience.

The Wood Elves are centered around Athel Loren, and are relatively reclusive, an expanded Athel Loren could even perhaps harbour Morghur alongside the Estalian fixes, where Anmyr could be squeezed in, a region that in the lore, was tainted and corrupted by Morghur's blood from his previous incursions, he could start off at war with a minor Wood Elf Faction and due to Anmyr's position, could have options to expand out into Bretonnia, or otherwise face the Wood Elven tide. The Wood Elven-Beastmen conflicts within Athel Loren are a cornerstone of either's lore.

Please, if you agree with these sentiments upvote this post, and if you disagree or have alternative input leave a comment, I'd be interested in hearing the communities thoughts.


  • Cosmic_Lich#1188Cosmic_Lich#1188 Registered Users Posts: 694
    If I can highjack this thread for a silly issue.

    Expanding Bretonnia's size would mean more dukedoms being minor factions. Quenelles would be one of them. Quenelles is not a color scheme available in multiplayer. I know they have its colors and icon because of the Realm of the Wood Elves mini-campaign. Give me my favourite dukedom, CA.
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  • Maedrethnir#1968Maedrethnir#1968 Registered Users Posts: 17,978
    Yes, Athel Loren and Bretonnia should be expanded. Ideally, the former should be a theatre of war and use the Season of Revelation map.
  • Cosmic_Lich#1188Cosmic_Lich#1188 Registered Users Posts: 694
    A reminder of what could be.
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  • Stephince#6150Stephince#6150 Registered Users Posts: 3,310
    Put that lovely large Athel Loren map in the game. Seems a shame for it to go to waste.
  • ScottishclaymoreScottishclaymore Registered Users Posts: 287
    Bigger Athel Loren would be awesome.
  • QueenieTheMeanie#3217QueenieTheMeanie#3217 Registered Users Posts: 35

    Yes, Athel Loren and Bretonnia should be expanded. Ideally, the former should be a theatre of war and use the Season of Revelation map.

    Idk about an exact copy and paste, but a Theatre of War for Athel Loren with all of the Glades, and Incursions by the Beastmen would be really cool, and would remove the need for Wood Elf Gameplay to be so offensive and outside of forests/heathlands.
  • Tyrant#1234Tyrant#1234 Registered Users Posts: 4,186
    Shrinkage is never a good thing.
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  • lucibuis#6195lucibuis#6195 Registered Users Posts: 7,172
    Because now the map zooms in so much, I don’t think there would be even a need for the theatre of war, the 12 realms could probably fit if Athel Loren is expanded to take out some of the grey mountains which are weirdly huge.
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  • eomat#7953eomat#7953 Registered Users Posts: 3,014
    edited September 2022
    Athel Loren is missing a lot of foliage too. Plus the Stags that used to be in there. The Magical lights on the other parts of the forest. The Eastern edge needs the Magical Forest back and not Conifers.

    Bretonnia needs a lot more visual assets added especially in the south. Vineyards in Bordeleaux, Jousting and Bretonnian tents dotted around. More farms and crops. Forts, chapels and towers added. WH1 had a mountain range with towers which was taken away in ME. Bretonnia needs to look more green, lush and vibrant grands and forests rather than the autumnal look it currently has. This would be more in line with its current maps. Bretonnia is meant to be an explosion of bright colours in land and its Knights. This then is well contrasted by the bleak lands of Mousilon.

    CA please add Duke Bohemond the Beastslayer of Bastonne

    and Duke Theoderic of Brionne

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