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Oxyotl Legendary campaign issues

Horribullz#2084Horribullz#2084 Registered Users Posts: 1
The following are issues that I have run into while playing Oxyotl on Legendary IE. I don't know if these exist on other difficulty settings though.

- When confederating Naki: The horde growth panel still shows (doesn't disable it due to Oxyotl not using the mechanic). Naki cant move in ambush stance
- The Skink Chief only has 48 skill points, so when hitting level 50 there are 2 unspent points that have no where to go
- The "Hard" Sanctum spawns which spawn in Oxyotl's territory are not effected by: Rite of Sotek or Sanctum patrols

Overall it seems that the Sanctum mechanic spawns armies that are way too difficult early on in the campaign. When the first set of sanctum missions comes out around turn 12-15 a chaos army is spawned with all tier 3 units (Soul grinders, Jabbersythes, Blood thirsters, Great unclean ones, ect). It seems excessive this early on in the campaign. With this there are other issues. If you do kill the army Oxyotl gets a massive lvl boost of 5-6 lvls, jumping any other legendary lord in the area. Also these armies don't despawn, and reinforce each other should another one spawn. A simple fix would be to have these armies despawn when the sanctum mission timer is up.
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  • GloatingSwine#8098GloatingSwine#8098 Registered Users Posts: 2,553
    Confederating Nakai has always been busted.
  • lemaitrecube#2445lemaitrecube#2445 Registered Users Posts: 1

    I will had my share and support that armies spawned by sanctum mechanic are way too hard early on.

    I'll attach 2 screenshots of a Khorne and Tzeentch armies that appered on turn 11 and turn 23 respectively.
    Both these quest had a heavy penalty on treasury (-5000 and -7500).

    I also support the fix offered by Horribullz#2084, but I would argue it could still be too hard on treasury. Another fix idea would be that the Sanctum armies can not appear with more than tier 3 units before turn 30 or 40.

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