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Perfect Vigor in Realms of Chaos final battles

KrispyKrisps#1195KrispyKrisps#1195 Registered Users Posts: 6
Most RoC final battles have a flag with a “-1% vigor per second” effect when the unit is performing a certain task. These effects will cause any unit with Perfect Vigor to drop to Exhausted while Perfect Vigor will prevent Vigor recovery from any source. So the unit will be exhausted for the entire battle and suffer huge stat debuffs.

Tested with Skarbrand. Same effect whether Perfect Vigor is gained via banner or “away from home territory” trait. (The latter is especially annoying since there isn’t a way to disable or avoid it.)

Fast forwarding while idle doesn’t restore Vigor.

Using the battle supplies to restore Vigor doesn’t restore it either.

Same bug occurs when applied on Skullcrushers via a banner.
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