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How do population bonus scale?

safes007#9599safes007#9599 Registered Users Posts: 2

New to three kingdoms and (unless I'm missing something obvious) I can't find information on how the bonuses that come from high population scale. I.e. if I increase my population by 1 million, how much would the bonus to income increase?

The tooltip states the max bonus (I assume) but without knowing the max population of a province or whether bonuses scale linearly this information isn't very helpful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



  • united84#8186united84#8186 Registered Users Posts: 1,141
    Everything you need to know is on the tooltip. With reference to the screenshot below:

    The city is level 7.
    - Max population cap 2.5 million
    - If you reach 2.5 million, you get modifiers such as bonus of 75% of all sources of income and more. I think this should scale based on your current population, if you havent reach max, you might be lower than 75% but 75% is the maximum modifier for a level 7 city.
    - A level 8 city would increase the max population cap and hence also increase the cap of the modifier. For instance, lvl 7 city max bonus of all income is 75%. A level 8 city would increase that cap further. A lvl 10 city is the max lvl meaning the max cap of the modifier is also at 200%.

    If you want to know about how much a level 8 city would benefit your economy or gameplay, you might need to experiment on this. Tooltip will not show "What if", only current stats.

  • safes007#9599safes007#9599 Registered Users Posts: 2

    I wish there was a way to know what the bonus was before you hit the cap for a particular city or what the pop bonus for upgrading a particular city would provide. It makes the population increase buildings kinda useless if you don't know how to use them :(

  • Vin362#6699Vin362#6699 Registered Users Posts: 1,520
    Population growth buildings are a big help in the north west near Ma Teng or the south where there is a lot of unoccupied land with little population, or counter any negative growth you may have.
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  • bli-nk#6314bli-nk#6314 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,959
    edited November 29
    Base pop growth is high enough in the game that building any +pop buildings is very sub-optimal in nearly all cases since there is also migration.

    Food is the main constraint but can be nearly ocmpletely ignored with the right reforms and a couple of farming provinces but in the early/mid game before you get to those reforms and can get a couple of full farming provinces you'll find yourself trading for food to feed cities which keep growing fast for most factions.

    There are 3-4 factions which have plentiful food and can sell it for money early and play tall by building up a couple cities to 10 quite fast and 2 factions which have both food and money pretty easily.

    Once you get food sorted out, then anti-corruption buildings and reforms far outperform bonus income from population.
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