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Austrian Units

Captain GerardCaptain Gerard Junior MemberPosts: 7Registered Users
edited February 2012 in Napoleon: Total War
Is it just me or does the Austrain units seem very weak:
- The German Fusilier cannot outshoot or out-melee (significantly) most other line infantry (A problem if you cannot create anymore Hungarian Fusilier)
- Grenzers are not exactly a strong light infantry force (like the Prussian Fusilier and Light Foot). Not historically accurate
- Their Jaeger are slightly worse than their Prussian counterpart
- Their grenadiers are impressive, but nothing spectacular when the Hungarian Grenadier are compared to Pavlovsky Grenadiers, Dutch Guards, etc. Unfortunate, as this is meant to be an Austrian strongpoint (german grenadier needs additional morale, demonstrating their discipline)
- Landesschutzen is too slow firing for their purpose
- Windbusche Jaeger does not pack a big punch for its price (Really? Price of 1230 that can barely route more than two lines before running out of ammo? A Russian Jager with equal worth of chevron can do better!) Manpower, lack of stakes, ammo count, and accuracy are all to blame.
- Their militia (yes, even the weakest unit) has a strongpoint that does not help them in anyway, their defence value. The Fencible and Prussian Landwehr can be a pain when firing. National Guard are quite difficult to route. Opelchnie charge bonus make them a dispensable meatshield covering your charging musketeer while inflicting good damage. But when do you militia for prolonged melee?
- Chevauxleger are probably meant as a defensive cavalry that takes the brunt of enemy melee, but this adavantage cannot be enjoyed if they have low morale.

In addition, Austria appears to lack some units
- I can live without Elite infantry, but lacking a cost-efficient and capable-of-being-created-multiple-times 80-range skirmisher means no compensation for this problem. maybe they need a Tyrolean Jager unit.
- Uhlans needs a more "elite" version. All four of the Austrian Uhlan regiments were Polish (the similar calibre of men that formed the legendary 1st Polish Lancer)
- Austrians were pioneers of Horse Artillery, so why do they not have it?

How do you guys think the Austrians can be improved
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  • E'dolloE'dollo Senior Member Posts: 128Registered Users
    edited January 2012
    -Give German Fusiliers more accuracy/faster reload
    -15 Units of Hungarian Fusiliers max
    -Put Grenzer stats in line with their Prussian and British counterparts
    -Horse artillery
    -Increase the number of Windbusche Jagers, and give them a "camaflouged" ability. After all this, they were masters of
    -Make another type of Jager as you said, and give them slightly lower stats than Windbusche Jagers
    -I've read and heard that Austrians were great cavalrymen, so why give them five different cavalry units with lower stats than most other nations.
    -Give the Archduke a darned unique model!
  • sid_vicioussid_vicious Junior Member Posts: 13Registered Users
    edited February 2012
    got that right...weak infantry and Austria is in the middle of all conflicts :|
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