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Imrik Major Issue with Desync and Influence/favor

TakumiFight#7411TakumiFight#7411 Registered Users Posts: 2
1) When doing dragon fights in multiplayer in Immortal Empires, after seconds a desync occurs and the connection gets interrupted. Reported here: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/322826/imrik-multiplayer-battle-constant-desynch
2) Another issue is, that the Influence and Favor system seems corrupted. Also in Multiplayer, I couldn't rise the relationship between another human player and an AI. The "Favor" button could be clicked, but nothing happend even though favor was plentiful.
--> https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/321120/imryk-has-major-problems-with-influence-and-favor
Thank you!

Edit: v2.1.1 Build 16218.2683626


  • TakumiFight#7411TakumiFight#7411 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Update: the Desync issue seems to be related to Imriks army or dragons as a unit only. It didn't occur with any other army in manual fights.
    When playing in Multiplayer and playing fights manually, the desync occurs shortly after starting the fight. Now, it also happend outside of dragon fights from the campaign. Note: 2 other players were watching/assisting with units. But tried fighting without assistance and still got a desync. :(
    Imrik is more or less unplayable in IE Multiplayer right now. :cry:

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