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IE COOP: Constant Crashing

MalleusPhallus#7865MalleusPhallus#7865 Registered Users Posts: 1
Been doing a bunch of diff IE coop campaigns, with different friends, factions, etc. But throughout all of them, I'm having tons of crashing issues. Most of them are in battle; sometimes loading into the battle, oftentimes during the battle. But others are on campaign map as well. Haven't noticed any more of a connection between the crashes, always something different going on.

Initially I took the "It's still technically beta, I'll deal with it" stance, but it's been so bad and consistent, and much worse for me than the people I'm playing with (though they all also get some crashes as well).

I'm not certain how to read the WH3 crash logs either, so I don't know if it's a consistent error message or different each time.

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