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Why do armies run in random directions after razing settlements???

Vicious#9461Vicious#9461 Registered Users Posts: 22
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For the love of god someone fix this - its been going on since WH1.

Classic case: You bring several stacks to a city, blow it up, and the army that initiated the attack suddenly moves like an entire move point bar worth of distance in some random direction! Best case scenario, it runs back the way it came and you only lose the turn it takes for it to catch back up to its other armies. Worst case, it crosses a river right into the teeth of oncoming enemies, into a zone where it takes attrition damage, or off in some direction where the accompanying armies cant support it.

I have no idea why this is still a thing in this game - it makes no sense and can ruin campaigns depending on when it happens.

PLEASE - just leave the army right where it was when the battle began. All the reinforcing armies stay where they were, so why cant the army that initiates the battle just stay put too??
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  • Nygrael#4849Nygrael#4849 Registered Users Posts: 99
    Agreed. Whenever taking an action to raze (or sack), the player should be given a choice if they want the army to move away or stay where they were (like 5% free movement to be used or not, at player's discretion).
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