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Game crash at battle deployment autosave

KommissarAntilus#2767KommissarAntilus#2767 Registered Users Posts: 3
Build 16218.2683626

Confederating Throt with clan Mors broke my 253 turns legendary campaign, after confederation he starts with 0 loyalty, wich made him revolt the next turn, since his army was not in my territory he wondered for a cuple of turns before finding Mordheim and at that point the game crashes on the battle deployment screen

The game crash right after the deployment screen animations finish, I’ve tried clicking on the autoresolve button before the animation finishes and it did autoresolve the battle, but crashes right after

the campaign is legendary so it autosaved in a battle deployment screen in the endturn against the tomb kings where i can either autoresolve or retreat (it crashes if i play it myself)

I’ve looked into the save files and whenever it crashes it creates a second savefile that ends with save.save. but does nothing when i try to load that alone

last thing i noticed is that the game crashes right when it is supposed to make the autosave of the battle deployment and creates a second file that ends with .save.save

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