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Line of sight issues with Razordons and Salamanders

action_johnny#9472action_johnny#9472 Registered Users Posts: 12

Firstly, this isn't exclusively a multiplayer bug, that's just where I noticed it.

Razordons and Salamanders both fire in an arc (like bows/xbows), yet as far as targeting is concerned both these units behave like gunpowder units - they need to have a perfect line of sight for the unit they are firing at

I'm assuming this is a bug, as their short range already makes them a risky choice for MP (expensive short ranged missile unit that dies/is shut down by most light cavalry in the game). With the LoS bug, it basically makes them unplayable as they will rarely get to fire a volley vs a player worth their salt.


  • #834763#834763 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I don't think this bug is exclusive to these units. It seems to affect all range units to some degree, with the worst impact being based on range, firing arc, and accuracy. Units seem to require perfect targeting to their desired target and won't pick a new target (either a new unit if set to fire at will, or a new target within a chosen squad) to shoot at if they can't hit.

    This isn't just about avoiding friendly fire, tiny things are blocking range unit targeting right now like waist high breakable fences on some maps. Almost anything can mess up range unit targeting for certain unit types.

    The units that suffer the most seem to be those with short range, low firing arc, or high accuracy. Units with those traits seem to have the most difficulty aiming at the single target they fixate on. Combine more than one of these traits and you get certain kinds of units that rarely fire a shot. To make matters worse, units with these traits are often expensive and key units in an army makeup that incorporate them. This is especially true in critical situations with lots of unit movement.

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