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User Info RequiredImmortal Empires Crashing After Settlement Battles

drfssil410#3689drfssil410#3689 Registered Users Posts: 1
Playing Immortal Empires as Nakai, no real issues throughout the campaign. Once I hit turn 177, the game started crashing directly after settlement battles (sieges included). I would initiate the battle, autoresolve, decide which temple to build, and then as the game returned to the campaign map, the game would freeze and crash. Sometimes waiting a turn fixed it, sometimes changing the temple I built fixed it.

By turn 187, this was happening consistently with every settlement battle, no matter what. Even quicksaves made before the battle were now causing the game to crash, and last time I checked, just interacting with a settlement caused the same thing.

This issue has brought my Nakai campaign to a halt for over two weeks now, and put me off starting any new campaigns either, so fixing it would be really great.

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