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Known IssueTwo wrong names/typos for ingame units (Khorne and Norsca)

Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 298
Just a very minor typo, but felt this is worth mentioning.

The Gorebeast Chariots of Khorne are currently named "Gorebeast Chariot of Khorne" in both campaign and multiplayer. So the name is written singular instead of plural, and that makes it the only chariot unit in-game that has its name singular.

In comparison: Gorebeast Chariots (WoC), Chaos Chariots of Khorne (Khorne), War Wagons (The Empire), Skeleton Chariots (Tomb Kings), Marauder Chariots (Norsca), etc etc etc. All chariots ingame that have several models (so not the Black Coach) are written plural, except for this unit.

The other unit is The Ice-Forged Legion for Norsca. "The Ice-Forged Legion" is literally called that in campaign and in Skirmish vs. A.I. The way RoR usually have their names written is "unit name (standard unit)". So for example, "The Great Mawherd of Bloodfjord (Feral Mammoth)". That one is correctly named in-game.

This one should be "The Ice-Forged Legion (Hellcannons)", like for example "The Soul of Damnation (Hellcannon)", but plural as it contains several Hellcannons and not just one.

Newest patch, no mods. I have all three games and all dlc and flc for all three.
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  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 298
    Checked with the newest patch (2.2), both names need tweaking and haven't been changed yet :)
  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 298
    This is also in 2.3.0. Both names will need tweaking :)
  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 298
    This is also in 2.4.0 and will need tweaking still.
  • CA_Tama#5904CA_Tama#5904 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 334
    Hey @Kennyannydenny#4548

    Have forwarded this on to be investigated.

    Thank you for your help
    Tama ^-^
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  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 298

    Thank you for forwarding this! I only just noticed there are several other WH3 units that aren't correctly named either at this moment:

    1) Grand Cannon (Cathay), should be Grand Cannons (4 artillery pieces)
    2) Fire Rain Rocket, should be Fire Rain Rockets (4 artillery pieces)

    Also now that i'm nitpicking (sorry):

    3) The "Star Chamber Guardians (Temple Guard)" is named that (singular), but the regular unit is "Temple Guards" (pural). Either the RoR or the regular unit needs renaming. I suspect that the regular unit need fixing to bring it in line with "Grave Guard", "Tomb Guard", "Eternal Guard", "Glade Guard", "Depth Guard", "Phoenix Guard", "Silverin Guard", "Gate Guard", "Lothern Sea Guard", etc and their the RoRs.

    4) The "Ushabti (Great Bow)", "Outriders (Grenade Launcher)", "Irondrakes (Trollhammer Torpedo)", "The Bordermen (Outriders - Grenade Launcher)", "Dark Riders (Repeater Crossbow)", "Raven Heralds (Repeater Crossbow)" and "Stormvermin (Sword & Shield)" all have their weapon between the brackets written singular, "Grenade Launcher", "Great Bow", but other units have these in plural, "Handguns", "Asrai Spears", "Hellscourges", "Halberds", "Throwing Axes", "Shields". Consistancy would be great :)

    5) "Obsinite Gyrocopter" is singular, but contains 4, so needs to be plural: Obsinite Gyrocopters

    6) Should the "Eldred's Guard (Spearmen)" be Eldred's Guard (Spearmen - Shields)? My guess would be yes.

    7) Should the "The Great Mawherd of Bloodfjord (Feral Mammoth)" be The Great Mawherd of Bloodfjord (Feral Mammoths) as it contains several mammoths?

    8) "Gyrocopter" is singular but contains 4 in the group, so should be Gyrocopters, same with the "Gyrocopter (Brimstone Gun)" which should actually be Gyrocopters (Brimstone Guns)

    9) Should "Blades of the Blood Queen (Executioners)" be renamed to Blades of the Blood Queen (Har Ganeth Executioners) to have the full name of the regular unit between brackets?

    Sorry again for nitpicking but I personally really value consistency and it would look even better if all units are named consistant imho.

    Thanks again for looking into this <3
  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 298
    Also as an addition to point 4: "Maneaters (Ogre Pistol)" is also singular.
  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 298
    Also the "Crushers (Ironfirst)" even though Ironfists is plural for other Ogre units.

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