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Beastmen Malagor and Morghur Skill issues, Oak of Ages Herdstone and Herdstones

A couple of bugs/ odd things I have noticed with the Skill trees for Malagor and Morghur. Skills are either missing or not functioning as intended.

Build Number V2.1.2 - 16516.2700229

Ardour of Fury Skill - doesn't work properly, gives Morghur Primal fury and nothing else in the army that doesn't already have it then when you get the research for upgraded Primal Fury it doesn't upgrade Morghurs
Force for Change Skill - nothing wrong with it per say it just doesn't provide a decent bonus

Something Wicked This Way comes Skill - not sure if intended or not but 1 point in it give -9 enemy leadership local region+ -4 enemy leadership in 35m from Something Wicked This Way comes then if you put in a second point it goes to -5 enemy leadership local region + -8 in 35m from Something Wicked This Way comes which is the same total within 35m but overall is weaker despite spending an skill point
Doom of Mankind Skill - just seems really weak and causes it lie that spells cost less magic than they do
Missing Skills that other Great Bray Shamans have - Distorted Reality, Darkling Spirit and Speaker of the Darkling Council, seems odd that a regular shaman gets these but Malagor does not

Oak of Ages Special Herdstone just isn't there, it is just a regular herdstone

Regular Herdstones:
Not raised at the right level, they are done as the level of the city captured not at the level that has been bought with dread
Don't have a proper sort of encampment defense like everyone else and can't build towers or barricades which makes them very hard to defend
Bray-Shaman in garrison has no spells at all

For recreating these not special steps need to be taken just playing will show them

Am really enjoying Beastmen though just these few things have been bothering me

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