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Legendary heroes should embed themselves in AI armies.

I see AI legendary heroes wandering the map, not attached to an AI army.

I understand that the AI uses heroes to scout, assassinate, etc,, however, their legendary heroes would be much better employed as army support.

For example, Isabella tends to just wander around the map by herself, rather than attaching to Vlad's army (or any army.)

The same with Gorich and Ariel. As a result, I never have to face any of these legendary heroes in battle, and the AI doesn't get the benefit of their unique abilities and skills.

Unique heroes should, by default, assimilate into AI armies.


  • ssssnake529#2202ssssnake529#2202 Registered Users Posts: 108
    Playing today, I noticed several more instances of this phenomenon with regular heroes.

    Da Fishy Tiddlemuncha (River Troll Hag) not in Grom's army.

    Mikaela (Fire Mage) not in Imrik's army.

    Neither Grom nor Imrik had any heroes at all in their armies.

    These starting heroes are not legendary, but they really should be in their legendary lord's army. Both Grom and Imrik benefit greatly from an embedded caster in their army. AI should make use of these hero assets.
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