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Coeddil Unchained Battle Bug

#438680#438680 Registered Users Posts: 1
v2.1.2 Build

Single Player Immortal Empires Campaign. Wargrove of Woe, Coeddil Unchained Quest Battle.

The Waystone description says "Indestructible", units are not able to attack them, and Coeddil is already spawned at the start of the battle.

This makes the battle unable to be completed.

Not sure if significant, but the battle was teleported to.


  • Nygrael#4849Nygrael#4849 Registered Users Posts: 100
    edited October 2022
    Patch 2.2 the bug is still there, albeit a bit different - allies do not spawn, Waystones are still indestructible. However, you can defeat all enemies, move up to the gate to spawn second army, once that one is nearly defeated, another one spawns from two corners. Hard to win, but doable. After it occurs and you win the battle by killing or routing enemies, Coeddil spawns in campaign map next to Drycha.

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