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Alith Anar Shadow Warrior Upkeep Bug with Cause and Resolution for development team

Radical_Sartrean#7262Radical_Sartrean#7262 Registered Users Posts: 1
Bug: Alith Anar does not receive any upkeep reduction for shadow warriors, though he does receive his upkeep reduction for shadow walkers. This is a bug with the Raven Lord trait (wh2_dlc10_skill_innate_hef_alith_anar).

Resolution: In the effect_bonus_value_ids_unit_sets.xml file there is a mistake in the record with UUID= {3d55462d-5cab-49e0-91a9-12dd1f7d0dee} and record_key = "wh2_dlc10_effect_upkeep_reduction_hef_shadow_warriorsupkeep_modwh2_dlc10_hef_inf_shadow_walkers"

The effect for this entry should be:
instead of

Explanation: wh2_dlc10_hef_inf_shadow_walkers unit set only has a junction with wh2_dlc10_hef_inf_shadow_walkers_0 (shadow walkers) where as hef_shadow_warriors unit set has junctions with wh2_dlc10_hef_inf_shadow_walkers_0 (shadow walkers), wh2_dlc10_hef_inf_shadow_warriors_0 (shadow warriors), and wh2_dlc10_hef_inf_the_grey_ror_0 (The Grey shadow warrior regiment of renown)
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