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Norsca Favor going down after reaching 100

It's supposed to lock after reaching 100 with one of the gods. I reached 100 with the crow and 60 with the rest, it took a lot of effort and time, but I felt so proud after having managed to do it. I was having the biggest power trip I've had in a total war. Then I raze a random settlement for the crow again, because why not, and suddenly all other favors have gone back to 58. What? Isn't favor supposed to lock after reaching 100? This is terrible as I can't even raze WITHOUT LOSING FAVOR. I'd imagine monster hunts also will destroy my favor balance. I've not checked if they can actually go up, as I basically ragequitted after finding this bug.

If this isn't a bug it's a dumb dumb dumb choice as the whole favor system will be over by turn 20. Now that norscan economy is actually functional and tied to the favor system this faction has risen from the bottom of a pit and has become fun to play, and finding this was such a letdown...


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