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What if CA Made Their Own Franchise/IP for a Total War Game?

TomCatMe0wTomCatMe0w Registered Users Posts: 142
Now don't get me wrong; I love the Warhammer Total War games and I have enjoyed the historical ones I have played as well. It is more than likely they will continue doing both (with fantasy, it could be anything: 40k, AOS, LOTOR, maybe even GOT). But this thought occured to me and they could realistically do it.

What if CA decided to go and make their own IP and thus creating their own unique game in the Total War format? For example, let's say they decide to do their own fantasy styled game with all sorts of different fantasy races fighting in an unique setting of their own design.

It could be interesting, to say the least. Creating their own game universe means they don't need to get licensing rights from others, and it'd be their own complete creativity. Without the restraints of rights or following the lore of another company, they could have full freedom to make a completely exciting game of their own.


  • Heretical_Cactus#7598Heretical_Cactus#7598 Registered Users Posts: 3,039
    The thing about creating your own IP, is that you don't benefit from having a previous community

    Now CA/Total War games have a community in itself so it would be sustaining.

    But a part of the community isn't interested in Fantasy games, a part is only interested by fantasy (Though mostly big IP, like Warhammer and LotR).

    But do we consider Troy, 3K which are Mythical stories (Or at least romanced one based on ancient texts) as original IP ? Since they don't really cost anything to aquire the IP ?

    In the same way, I would prefer to see for example a Total War World Mythology (So no IP to aquire, but existing inspiration possibility via old Mythos and ancient civilisations) rather than CA making their own planet/lore/armies
  • Lotor12#2810Lotor12#2810 Registered Users Posts: 1,002
    It would be contraproductive

    Why to create and develop own fantasy world, if You can buy rights for well known, popular and requested Tolkien world?

    Another customers would prefer historical themes like or Medieval 3 , Empire 2, Rome 3, or Pike & Shot

    Or sci - fi Warhammer 40K or mentioned popular fantasy setting Lord of Rings or Game of Thrones

    Another option is mythology in Troy style, for example King Arthur
  • Commisar#2307Commisar#2307 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,180
    Only if there's not really a well known IP already covering such a setting that they want to make a game in. Myology and something like Steam Punk would be my examples.
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