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!!! Missing Banners and Officers!!!

sirmicou#9380sirmicou#9380 Registered Users Posts: 73
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Hello CA !

Can you finally add officers and banners to the regiments in battle ? We are waiting for this since WH1...

A mod called "Battle Standard & Officer" added them, (modders made an awesome job) but now a bug in the game prevent modders to make it workable again...


Banners and officers are absolutely needed, as it is a real part of the Warhammer lore and they are presents on all regiments since the beginning of Games Workshop tabletop !

Can you add this feature to the vanilla game ? It's discouraging to always having to find a workable mod to see them in game.

Thank you CA !
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  • Walkabout#1505Walkabout#1505 Member In a houseRegistered Users Posts: 3,000
    Yep totally agree, they should be in. Banners add so much spectacle and it's good to track the officers in battle. Who knows one day we may get a banner painter.
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