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!!! Bug which prevents Officers and Banners mod to work !!!

sirmicou#9380sirmicou#9380 Registered Users Posts: 148
Hello CA !

Can you finally add officers and banners to the regiments in battle ? We are waiting for this since WH1...

A mod called "Battle Standard & Officer" added them, (modders made an awesome job) but now a bug in the game prevent modders to make it workable again...


Banners and officers are absolutely needed, as it is a real part of the Warhammer lore and they are presents on all regiments since the beginning of Games Workshop tabletop !

Can you add this feature to the vanilla game ? It's discouraging to always having to find a workable mod to see them in game.

Thank you CA !
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  • Antoniomartini#6903Antoniomartini#6903 Registered Users Posts: 72
    Please CA!
    This is highly requested feature by your plyer community!
    If you are not going to deliver officers and battle banners officially, at least allow modders to do so!
  • Mickeyct90#5373Mickeyct90#5373 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Please CA deliver it officially or allow the modders to do it freely!
  • epic_1597328099078fVeZldepic_1597328099078fVeZld Registered Users Posts: 2
    I don't think they will go to that trouble. they're busy designing demons that look more childish
  • lapidotlapidot Registered Users Posts: 1
    personally I think the modders are being really silly by refusing to update due to this bug. it sounds like such a minor issue compared to what the mod offers. they could just warn people or label it as being for custom battles only.

    if it's what it takes to get the modders working on it again then CA should fix the issue. there's no way CA is going to go back and do this themselves at this point so the least they can do is get some modders to do it
  • #25013#25013 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I don't see it as as silly, Venris repetitively explains how it breaks a load of stuff that makes campaigns unstable and can't be fixed there end. It requires CA to help out there end, which if possible would be awesome, especially if it is an easy fix.

    So CA if your listening it would be super appreciated if you could spare some time on this or better still like sirmicou#9380 says maybe officially incorporating it into the game. Been a long time fan of both Total war and warhammer and the game cries out for this.
  • Antoniomartini#6903Antoniomartini#6903 Registered Users Posts: 72
    Any feedback @CA?
  • peaceoutindexdown#7129peaceoutindexdown#7129 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Any updates on this? CA really should fix this for the mod. It would definitely help the community.
  • sirmicou#9380sirmicou#9380 Registered Users Posts: 148
    edited February 10
    No nothing...

    Yes or they can also simply add banners in the game... They did it for Three Kingdoms, and even for Empire : Total War...

    And in the tabletop game, regiments always carried banners.

    Sometimes I don't understand how CA works...
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  • Hemir95#6008Hemir95#6008 Registered Users Posts: 17
    Would be very nice to see this mod working fine and updated with all previous TW:Warhammer battle standard mods.

    CA, please fix that bug or get us some official banners/standards support!
  • sirmicou#9380sirmicou#9380 Registered Users Posts: 148
    Update : Do you have any new about this CA ?
  • sirmicou#9380sirmicou#9380 Registered Users Posts: 148
    Update : Do you have any new about this CA ?

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