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Total War Warhammer 3 Nehekhara Faction idea

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Nehekhara living follower.
A Nehekhara horde faction of human with ability to settle.
Unit similar to Tomb King roster.

To recruit undead unit you need research and building in settlement. Recruit living unit you can also in settlement or in horde hero.

Special abillity for Legendary Lord to summon undead unit in battle from lvl 10:

1.Stage: Skeleton Warriors or Skeleton Spearmen or Nehekhara Warriors.
2.Stage: Ushabti or Tomb Scorpion or Sepulchral Stalkers.
3.Stage: Hierotitan or Necrosphinx or Khemrian Warsphinx.

Normal Lord: Camp Champion
Hero: Lich Priest (needs research), Camp follower (Witch hunter type, sword and pistol)

Unit idea: Sandshooter (Missile Infantry), Carrion Raider (Flying Missile Cavalry), Sandsword (Greatsword Infantry)

I love Tomb King style, but I miss a more living play and want some horde Lord.

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