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Immortal Empires on Linux

Warhammer 3 PREVIOUSLY could not run unless PROTON is ENABLED.
Warhammer 3 NOW could not run unless PROTON is DISABLED.
This is referred to the Compatibility settings in Steam when using Linux.

Warhammer 3 PREVIOUSLY allowed me to play Immortal Empires Beta.
Warhammer 3 NOW is NOT allowing me to play Immortal Empires Beta.

Warhammer 3 with Immortal Empires Beta becomes enabled again any time I use Windows 10.
When playing the game on Windows 10, the game version shows v2.1.
When playing the game on Fedora 35/36 Linux, the game version shows v1.3.2.

Steam forces me to download 64GB of data after switching operating systems, whether it be Windows to Linux or Linux to Windows.

Seemingly, Steam not telling Linux clients the correct version and forcing them to downgrade.

I had over 500 hours playing WH3 in Fedora. It was grand good time.
I have to resort to using Windows for the time being for this patch.

(Caps for emphasis, not yelling- I promise.)
(No mods were ever used.)


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