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Chaos and Grand Campaign Longevity

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The Mortal Empire, Grand Campaign is an unnecessary 0rgy. It is crowded and feels less like an empire building game but rather an unorganised street fight. My request is simple, either for CA or a modder with similar feelings:

Start 90% of all chaos factions at or around the Chaos in game event. Spawning or introducing them onto the map in an appropriate way.

From turn 1 the map is poisoned with chaos as far as the eye can see. It is too much and takes away from how exciting and special Chaos is meant to come across as. I propose a smattering of corruption but the bulk of all Chaos to bleed into the game on or around the Chaos event. This would allow bickering between races and empire building to blossom with minor chaotic incursions. Then, at or around the Chaos event, the game changes into an Attila survival epic where the forces of chaos start creeping into the world. This would create an exciting mid to late game event were fresh Chaotic races rain down to shake civilisations, strengthen or break alliances and test their steel in a chaotic shake up that would see an exciting change of pace. I know this is obviously the gist of the game now... but it could be soooo much better!

Total war has always suffered from mid to late game burnout with the initial building, fighting and unlocking/levelling up carrying the enjoyment only so far. Chaos is the golden ticket to this problem! Holding back on a majority of Chaos until mid/late game would create such a fresh and exciting gameplay experience. It would change the pace and create an incentive to keep playing much further into a campaign. With fresh survival goals and new foes to fight with your exciting high tier units that you have grinded to unlock, Longevity would be sustained. By the time Chaos is knocking at our door, one should have a substantial empire, formidable armies and a list of allies and foes- NOW it's time to put your mortal disputes to the side and test your boarders and relations with the onslaught of Chaos instead of fighting demons and the lot from turn 1. Just feels samey after a while hey...

I love the additions of land deep into the Chaos wastes but keep the AI mostly dormant until the approach of the Chaos event. If you want to go fight Chaos in its wasteland, more than welcome to but they should be extremely aggressive towards any who dare step into the wastes.

To sum up:

-A smattering of minor Chaos across the world. Chaos wastes and Norsca obviously teeming with the dark gods touch.

- Hold back on major Chaos factions and LLs until the pivotal event. (Maybe some set up like historical games were you can start in different years depending on the events or a factions introduction. If too much, hold off on Chaos unless specifically playing as Chaos)

- Start ramping up Chaos incursions around the Chaos event (Visually, this would also be special as instead of seeing corruption everywhere from turn 1.. now this proper pump of corruption into the world is new, fresh and exciting at turn 150 or so)

- Not everything has to wait, Beastmen are fine, maybe a few Low-key Chaos LLs from turn 1 or introduced incrementally. How exciting or terrifying would it be to see the event board light up with: Skarbrand has been seen raiding across the Badlands! N'Kari has breached Ulthuan!! Valkia is Burning her way down from The Northern Wastes!!

I love Chaos but we can make them feel so much more special and terrifying! Thank you for a constructive discussion on this topic, long live Total War Warhammer! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!!!
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    I agree with the intent, not sure about how that would execute but I do feel that by turn 100 chaos factions should have been consolidated and be moving down south a lot more aggressively. AI chaos in the north fight each other as much as they do order factions, which is fine in the beginning but isn't Archaeon suppose to be the one who unites them under his banner? Usually he is still sitting in his first settlement. I think the most I have ever seen him with is 3.... Make an event for the AI around turn 50, can vary based on campaign difficulty, where they slog it out and then by turn 60 or 70 whoever beat all of them into submission starts coming south in force.

    An example ,if Archaeon beats everyone but valkia and confederates them and then valkia beats Archaon then all serve valkia. That way you can have your variety in mechanics from the different LL and factions, like if vilitch wins teleport will be a nightmare for the player.
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