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Grombrindal 15 first turns guide legendary - Immortal Empires

Snake#7625Snake#7625 Registered Users Posts: 49
Hey, I made step by step guide for Grombrindal to have a nice start of a campaign with no enemies and strong army. As a bonus I did show 2 quest battles that give very nice equipment :). I just want to help some Dwarf loving people who struggle a bit.

Snake Nerd Gamer - youtube ;)


  • ravonlineravonline Registered Users Posts: 142
    Hi, as somebody who has extensively tested campaign starts - indeed mostly with the Empire but not only - I can tell you for a fact that it is impossible to obtain replicability of results beyond 5 to 10 turns depending on race.

    You may very well do a guide as in a general guide with things players should aim for but no 2 campaigns will be the same due to the variability of AI actions. To give you an example if an AI faction random recruits a lord with a good combat trait the autoresolve may switch from decisive victory to close victory. Same with items. Now that may or may not affect you but it affects the AI vs AI battles - a lot. As a close victory would mean higher casualties and the winner AI may not choose to take the same course of action which in turn can impact what you do.

    Another example from personal experience - if you move your characters just a few (hidden) map tiles closer or further on the campaign map the AI may do 2 very very different things which would have a substantial impact on the course of the campaign and what you would need to do next.

    Again - it is not my intent to ruin the party but I guess you are a bit inexperienced with campaign starts in terms of looking for variables. There is no possible replicability at turn 15 beyond general ideas of what you should do.

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