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Trees look cartoonish

Cebo#5715Cebo#5715 Registered Users Posts: 107
Trees in IE campaign map don't look good. They are overly simplified and look cartoonish or "claymation-y". The forests are also much less denser - this is evident everywhere, but especially in Athel Loren.

For example, pine trees look way better with detailed branches in Mortal Empires (ME) while now in Immortal Empires (IE) they are polygons on tree trunks. Why this change? This is a game based on a very dark setting and this tone shift from realistic to a more cartoonish style of graphics is a shift into the wrong direction.

What's even weirder, once you load into a battle, the trees on battle maps again look realistic, like they were in ME. This change of tone while switching really pulls you out of the imersion. It's like you're playing two different and separate games.

What was the logic behind this? That the simplification makes it easier on the eyes to look for a longer periods of time on the campaign map? I can assure you that my eyes don't have to be shielded from realistic looking things, in fact, every day in the real world I look at realistic looking trees and I'm fine.

If this is because more realistic trees would tank the performance of the IE campaign map? If so, please, find a way to optimise the campaign map without making the game look this way.

This simplification is also evident on ground textures. While they look mostly nice, in some places the removal of detail makes them look flat and boring.
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