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No final event on Tzeentch soul claim

Alsrroum#9592Alsrroum#9592 Registered Users Posts: 1

I may probably have a bug.

Detailed description of your issue
When I log in in the Tzeentch map in order to claim the soul any event trigger a mission. Now that I'm close to the end, I didn't see the place fir the battle where it's supposed to be.

Here is the image:

Build Number:
v2.1.2 Build 16516.2700229

Reproduction steps
I came into this real by portal event. As I said no event trigger out at the begining and now it's not the last one.

.save if your issue is on the Campaign Map
Attached as "Autoguardado (Legendaria).Las Provincias Septentrionales.19022022.1925062435916965.save"

Your modfied.log file
Attached as "modified.log" (it's empty)

DxDiag if you are having a graphical, performance or crashing issue
No graph problem

Crash Mini Dump file if you encounter a crash
No crash
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