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Battle buffs tied to units and ultra unit scale

totalwarfreak14#6557totalwarfreak14#6557 Registered Users Posts: 27
I brought Scions of Mathland spearmen ROR from highelves because I wanted to give my front line the 10% damage resist buff however what I discovered is that in order for other infantry units to receive the buff the units have to either be in a small square formation and really close or overlapping each other when they are spread completely out. Essentially ultra unit size has outgrown the old AOE size for units with these type abilities. I did feel that they were slightly too small in WH2 as well. It is currently not worth it at all. The unit cannot reach anyone other than itself without blobbing.

I really like these type abilities on units types that are not heros lords or SEMs. I think its cool and flavorful when cav infantry or archers get these type area buffs as well. I suggest that these AOE passive buff effects like MA, MD, ward save, phys rst, missile rst, armor buffs all of those get a increased area to 45-60m rather than the 35m. I think some reach 55m but not many. So that way at least the 2 infantry units on each flank can benefit from the buff without having to blob. I think it should only be the buff abilities to start though. Like the terror bubble of 30m should not be changed.

I'm sad I didn't realize this till days before the update and it may be to late to implement in this patch but let me know what you guys think and do you think debuff AOEs should get a increased size as well? I'm a little apprehensive to it. I feel that one is more impactful so increasing their size might be exploitable but I could just be wrong on that.

I also dont know if heroes and lords and SEMs need the increased aura size either I lean towards no but they do seem kind of small the units do have to be really close to get the buff

The infantry cav and archer units with these abilities on 35m areas definitely need this change asap.
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